An Insight into Adolescent Problems and Their Solutions

Perhaps, dealing with an adolescent is not that easy. While handling them, you will also have to handle their changing moods and different emotions that they go through. No doubt, children in their teenage do suffer a lot of behavioral problems, which in turn becomes a big problem for their parents. If you are a parent then you always have a way out to talk to your kids and understand about the real issue which is making them aggressive, depressed or whatever emotion they are going through. It is highly important to read their mind and fix the issue than to keep lingering and leaving them in their condition. Delays can worsen their condition.

Discussed in this blog are some of the major adolescent problems and the ways to handle them. Go through these points under-

Adolescent problems and tips to handle them

  • Addictions- In the adolescent age, children usually develop various kinds of addictions like alcohol addiction, drug addiction, sex addiction and others. This is due to their curiosity of trying and experiencing new things in life, which make them fall into various addictions. So, you shouldn’t be shocked to see your 16 or 17 year old kid addicted to smoking or drinking. If you find that your kid’s friends are also involved in that addiction then it is definitely not a mental illness that your child is suffering from. Being a parent, you don’t have to panic dealing with such a situation. You should sit with your kid and make her understand about the negative repercussions of having alcohol and indulging in any other addiction. Tell them it is not considered ‘cool’ to develop such addictions.
  • Aggression- Anger or aggression is one of the most prevalent problem in adolescents. You might find your teenager kid talking back to you or screaming, shouting when you point out them for anything. In this condition, you will have to understand that anger is one of the many emotions and when it comes to adolescents, these emotions take an extreme level. You have to give them time to comprehend their own emotions. You might be tempted to shout even louder on these kids when they are answering back but hold the temptation. This will not fetch you the desired and will neither bring your kid to the right track. You have to be really patient with your kids.
  • Increased use of phones and tabs- This is again one of the most common issues among adolescents. They spend more time with their phones and other gadgets than they spend with their parents in person. Though the use of phones to stay in touch is not bad but as it is said, excess of everything is bad. It can badly affect your kids’ lifestyle, career and their personal life even. When they will be on phone every time, they will hardly get time or be interested in interacting and socializing with other people physically. They will remain in the virtual world only. The solution to this is only making your kids cut off from the outside world by grabbing their mobile phones but you need to limit the use of phones and other gadgets. Do give them mobile phones but make the rules stricter. For instance, you can make a rule that they won’t get pocket money if they will overuse their gadgets. A little smartness is important.
  • Mood swings- Teenagers go through a variety of moods. They can be extremely happy at times and severely upset at others. So, you will have to bear their moods and handle them with care. However, if these mood swings are severe then it might be depression and you will have to consult a psychiatrist for this. If you are handling your kids on your own then make sure that you don’t make them feel that they are overreacting. Don’t make them think that their behavior is abnormal. Their condition can worsen if you will make them realize that they are facing a health issue.

Above discussed are only some out of many adolescent issues. If your child is facing any other issue besides these then you must consult a psychiatrist. A psychiatrist will be in a better position to guide you in the perfect possible manner. And, to find the best psychiatrist in Rohini, you can check out the internet for the same. Or you can go out, reach your friends and other relatives who have earlier approached any psychiatrist, to get the references of good psychiatrists from them. Since they have already availed the treatment, they will be able to provide you a genuine and unbiased feedback about the doctor. So, it’s the time that you do not worry about the adolescent problems. You can just reach the best psychiatrist in Delhi and get the solution. Good luck!

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Ways to Overcome the Drug Addiction

Ways to Overcome the Drug Addiction

Living with a drug addiction? Wish to overcome it and lead a normal life? If yes then you are at the right page. Indulging into drugs can not only ruin your professional life but can also put your relationships at risk. It can strain you both mentally and physically, that to on an extreme level. It is true that making a decision to overcome the drug addiction is a big challenge, as it requires strong willpower and a control on your craving. It has been seen in many patients that the first problem that they face is recognizing their problem and treating addiction as addiction and not a normal routine. Though it is normal to feel unsure about the recovery process and whether you are ready for it or not, but whatever might be the situation, you should step ahead to get over your drug addiction.

According to the psychiatrists, there are many things that you will have to change once youare committed to the drug addiction treatment plan. It includes changes in the way you think, the way you deal with the daily stress of life, what you pursue in your pastime and the way you deal yourself. You need to make these little changes in life, so that you are treatment-ready.

Learning about available treatment options

After you are determined and fully committed to recover from drug addiction, you should take a step ahead to gain knowledge about various drug treatment options available, so that you can pick the one that guarantees the most effective results and follow it. Below discussed are some of the prevalent drug addiction treatment options-

  • Residential treatment- In this method, the patient is kept away from work, family and friends, and undergoes intensive treatment. Here, the patient lives at a medical facility and is given a proper plan of treatment which also include detoxification. The detoxification method involves purging the body of all the toxins and helping the patient to handle the withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings. The treatment might last for days and even months, depending upon the severity of the patient’s condition.
  • Partial hospitalization- Many patients do not prefer staying in the hospital but prefer continuing the treatment while living at their home only. In this case, the patients are kept in the hospital only for 7 to 8 hours of the day and are given medical monitoring. After the day’s treatment, the patient can return to the home and visit the hospital again in the next morning.
  • Community living treatment- In this type of treatment, the patients live in a fine house where they are given residential treatment. Here, in this house, the patient is kept with other drug addicts, so that they all are together motivated to overcome the addiction and strive towards the best. If you opt for this treatment, you will be placed in a drug-free environment with sober living facilities.

How to decide on the best treatment?

When you are deciding on the right treatment to choose, you must know that not every treatment works for everybody. It is possible that the treatment that worked for your friend might not give you desired results. So, do not panic! Stay relaxed. Since there are other treatment options also available, you can choose out of them and even get it customized according to your needs. Also, you should select the treatment on the basis of its scope. It should have a bigger scope and should cover the improvement in your spheres of life as well. The treatment should address the problems of your personal life, relationships & work and psychological well-being. It should look into the root cause of your problem and will look for the reason of the addiction. With this, you should also know that drug addiction treatment is not an easy task and that you will have to keep patience for it. It takes time for every treatment to give its desired results.

Choosing the right psychiatrist

When it comes to choosing the best psychiatrist Rohini, you have to be very smart and wise. You should look through the psychiatrist’s profile on his website and do a thorough research about him on the internet. You can also check out the testimonials of the patients that have already availed the treatment from the doctor, to know about his quality of medical services. A majority of positive reviews is a big yes to the psychiatrist while the doctor with negative reviews must not be chosen. Also, you can inquire about the type of treatment options offered to treat drug addiction and the charges of these treatments. Once you have reached the best psychiatrist in Rohini, you are sure to overcome the drug addiction and lead a normal life. It is the time to live a happy life. Take care!

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Different Therapies to Treat Autistic Disorder

Autistic Disorder

Is your child showing the signs of delay in development? Do you notice an unusual behavioral pattern in your child? If yes then it is the time that you should take your child to the best psychiatrist in Rohini. These signs are usually seen in people suffering autistic disorder. It is true that no parent is ever prepared to see their child with such a serious health issue but sooner, you get it diagnosed, sooner you will be able to get it treated. Surely, you must be confused about how to go on with the treatment of your autistic child and what should be your next course of action. If you have heard that autistic disorder is incurable and that no medicines and therapies work on it, then you have certainly not visited the finest, renowned and qualified psychiatrist. A reputed psychiatrist in Rohini will always assist you in curing the disease and get you back to the normal life. So, it is better to reach to the best psychiatrist and get it cured.

Below discussed are some of the therapies that are considered to be the most effective in treating the autistic disorder. You can go through the below therapies to get an insight into them and try them at home to improve your autistic child’s health.

4 effective therapies to treat autistic disorder

  1. Communication therapies- When it is about autistic disorder, it is linked with language, social and behavioral difficulties. Thus, it is advised that behavior and communication therapy works the best with such patients. In contrast to other therapies that tend to teach the autistic kids the right way to behave in social gatherings, the communication therapy motivates the child to learn new skills and develop the ones that the already possess. By communicating with the patient, he/she is taught new skills and abilities and is empowered.
  2. Family therapies- The family therapies have also shown good results. In this therapy, parents and friends of autistic patients are taught the ways in which they can play with autistic kids and spend more time with them. Such an interaction promote social interaction skills in the patients and enable them to manage their own problem behaviors all by themselves. Since the family lives close to the patient, it can teach the other living skills and abilities that are needed to carry out the daily tasks.
  3. Educational therapy- It has been seen that autistic patients tend to respond well to the various educational programs. These highly structures programs usually include a crew of specialists who together aims at instilling the social skills and better communication ability in the patients. Such educational programs are effective, as the entire team of medical experts come together to support the patients.
  4. Medications- In many cases, medicines are described according to different autistic condition of the patient. There are medicines that have been proved to be really effective in controlling some specific symptoms of autism but you must note that antidepressants are prescribed only in the case of anxiety. In addition to this, it is suggested that you should keep your medical expert well informed about the medicines that you are taking. Keeping the best psychiatrist in loop is inevitable as some medicines are known to have side effects we well. Thus, to remain saved from such side effects, you should be alert of the patient’s health.

Besides the above mentioned therapies, the other therapies depend on the patient’s needs and other special requirements. These therapies help the patients to develop the activities of daily living and help them in learning the movement and maintaining balance. In other therapies, the medical expert may also help the care takers of the patients in dealing with the problem behavior of the autistic hit person.

When it comes to hiring the best psychiatrist in Delhi, you can might confused with a number of options available on the internet. To reach the finest psychotherapist, you should do a thorough research on the internet and see which one has a good reputation in the market. Also, you should read the testimonials of that doctor, so that you get a fair idea about his quality of treatments and the aftercare that is offered. In addition to this, you should also inquire about the fee of the treatment and in fact, you can compare the prices of different psychiatrists and then choose the one that is known for offering the best psychiatric treatment at the most competitive prices. Rest, you will get to know about the doctor after you have had one to two sittings with him. You will get to know how he is dealing with the patient and how much confident he is to treat the patient perfectly. If you are all satisfied, you can continue the treatment with him. So, get to the right psychiatrist in Rohini and get the autistic patient treated in no time. Take care!

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Tips to Lead a Better Life with Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Affective Disorder is a kind of mental disorder where a patient suffers from swings in the mood and energy level. No doubt, this disorder affects all the arenas of life be it personal or professional. Patients suffering from this disease experience confusion, irritation, anger, disappointment, exciting and other emotions. At one moment, the patient cam ne excited about something and at the other, he/she may start crying over an issue. The depression in this disease is highly common and thus, it should be treated at the right time. Also, manic and hypomanic episodes are also a part of this disease.

Some of the symptoms that are common in such patients include racing thoughts, hallucinations, delusions, poor decision making, rash business decisions, reckless behavior, drug and alcohol use, frequent misunderstanding, suicidal thoughts, inability to accomplish work projects and various other disappointments in daily life. If you find any person with such symptoms or if you are facing the same then you must visit a psychiatrist as soon as possible.

In case your spouse is suffering from bipolar affective disorder and is denying the treatment then you should protect yourself from the possibility of physical abuse when he/she is highly irritated, financial abuse in a situation of debt, emotional abuse/cruel behavior and verbal abuse that might come out of rampant blaming and fights. So, you have to safeguard yourself while convincing your partner to get the treatment before it worsens even more.

Below discussed are some of the tips for patients suffering from bipolar affective disorder. Go through them to lead a better and smoother life.

Important tips to live with bipolar affective disorder

  • Remain connected- It is always suggested to stay connected with friends and family so that there are less chances of your mood getting changed. Mood changes usually happen when you seclude yourself from others and stay alone. You should keep your support system ready and this system can include your doctor, friends, family and counselors. You should remember that more the interaction with others, lesser you will be at risk of a depressive mood. You can survive with a bipolar affective disorder by being connected to your community and social groups.
  • Maintain a routine- You should maintain a routine of taking your medicines on time and getting enough sleep. It is very important to take proper 8-10 hour sleep to keep your mind calm and mood stable. You should know that lack of sleep can make your irritated and angry, which in turn can result into severe mood swing attack. In addition to this, taking out time for workout for at least 20 minutes can keep you refreshed while eating healthy food can keep your mind 7 body away from toxins. Thus, you will have to develop a regular habit of taking care of yourself.
  • Develop coping skills- When suffering from bipolar affective disorder, you should be aware of the coping skills that you need to engage yourself in. since different coping methods work for different patients, so you have to look for the one technique that works the best for you. The coping techniques basically involves different activities that can keep your calm, stable and composed. What you can do is simply list down these skills so that, you have it in hand when you are in such kind of situation.
  • Track symptoms- You should track the symptoms of your mood swings. You will usually get to know before you are attacked by the severe mood swing attack. You should keep a check on the behaviors and stressors that can affect your mood and thus, avoid getting yourself stuck in untoward situation.
  • Learn and learn more- You should have more and more knowledge about your disorder and the treatments that are needed to cure it. Whatever questions or confusions you have of your disease, you should clear it out with your counselor or the psychiatrist that you have approached.

Approaching the right psychiatrist

Planning to reach the best available psychiatrist in your city? If yes then you will have to do your own research to contact the best psychiatrist in Rohini. You can browse through the internet to get on with the top psychiatrists and then shortlist a few of them on the basis of array of psychiatric treatments offered, qualification of the doctor, infrastructure of the clinic/hospital, reputation in the industry and not to forget, the prices of such treatments. After shortlisting, you can finally reach the one that you think meets all your requirements well. Make sure that the psychiatrist has experience and has treated a number of patients successfully in the past. More the experience of the psychiatrist, more will be the chances of better treatment. Thus, reach the right psychiatrist and get your disease treated now. Take care!

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How to Care For a Schizophrenic Patient?

Schizophrenia is a type of mental disorder wherein the patients develop their own hallucinated world where they see people, hear voices and imagine things that are not in real. It is a self-created hallucinated world, in which they cage themselves. Such patients face severe issues in concentrating, mindful thinking and lose any motivation. However, the disorder must not be confused with split personality or multiple-personality.

If any of your loved one is suffering from schizophrenia then it is the time that you should help them instead of getting panicked. This blog talks about some of the helpful and effective ways to help a schizophrenic patient and support them in getting back to the normal life.

Ways to care for a schizophrenic patient

  1. Encourage them to get proper treatment- If your loved one is suffering from schizophrenia then the foremost step that you must take is to encourage them to take proper medication. The patient should go for regular doctor appointments. True that it can become difficult to convince these patients to visit a doctor but whatever may happen, you should never argue with them or order them to do anything. You should not push them to seek treatment, as this might backfire and their condition might worsen,
  2. Give medicine reminders – It is important for the patient to take the medicines regularly. To ensure the same, you should give theme reminders to take medicines. What you can do is set an alarm in their phone, so that they remember to take the medicine on time. It is important to take the medicines on time, as otherwise it can stimulate the effects of schizophrenia on the body. You can also use weekly pill boxes and medication calendars for the same purpose.
  3. Keep them less stressed- Do anything and everything that you think can keep the patient in stress-free. You should sit with them, spend time and talk as much as possible. When a schizophrenic keeps on venting out the pent up the feelings, he/she remains stress-free. On the other hand, a stressed patient can dive deep into the world of hallucination, which in turn will degrade his/her mental health.
  4. Motivate to lose weight- Often, it is seen that the medication given to treat schizophrenia has side effects, which includes gaining weight. Since gaining weight is associated with several other problems like obesity and others. Therefore, you must encourage the patient to get involved in the physical activities like the person can join gym, aerobics, yoga or any other activity that can help in shedding calories.
  5. Advice to avoid drugs and alcohol- Without a doubt, if someone is running on heavy medication of schizophrenia then he/she should totally avoid drugs and alcohol. As a caretaker of the patient, you should prevent the patient from substance abuse and should clear off the home of all the drugs and alcohol. You should discuss the harmful effects of drugs and liquor with the patient, so that he/she is aware of it and work towards getting over the addiction of the same.
  6. Keep them involved in social skills- When patients suffer from schizophrenia, they tend to part ways from the society and limit the social interaction. They hardly talk to people, as they are busy in their own world. To let them participate in the social gatherings and help them live in what is happening in the present, you should encourage to take part in community programs where they can keep themselves busy and not think about other unimportant tasks.

Besides the aforementioned ways, you should also consult the psychiatrist in Rohini. The psychiatrist will further guide you about the tips that you can follow to make the patient feel better. To find one such psychiatrist, you can check out internet. You will get a number of options there but to select the finest, you have to be smart. Choose the one that has good patient reviews, is reputed and the doctor that holds decades of experience. You must know that more the experience, better will be the treatment. Thus, it is the time to reach a psychiatrist and get your loved one treated in the minimum possible time. Take care!

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Six Best Tips to Beat Insomnia

Six Best Tips to Beat Insomnia

Suffering from insomnia can be highly devastating. It not only hampers your daily sleep but also ruins your daily routine, as improper sleep keeps your body lousy throughout the day. As a result of which, you are unable to concentrate on your studies and work. Insomnia is mainly caused by changes in the environment like noise, change of sleeping place, bed, temperature change etc. With this, emotional distress related to family, occupation and finance; physical discomfort like chronic pain, any syndrome etc.; medications and jet lag also affect the sleeping patterns, leading to insomnia in many.

This blog talks about some of the effective tips that you must follow to handle the problem of insomnia. Read this piece further to know about those tips-

Useful tips to tackle the problem of insomnia

  1. Waking and sleeping at same time- You should try to get into bed and then wake up at the same time regularly. True that weekends tempt you to sleep more but control this temptation especially if you are suffering from insomnia. You need to train your mind so that your sleep patterns work in a proper clock and you get in and out of bed at a consistent time.
  2. Limit naps- If you have a habit of taking a nap in the afternoon or at some other time of the day then limit it. When you take a nap in the day, you cut on your night’s sleep time. Napping can be a great idea to balance your missed sleep but it might not be effective to treat insomnia. Thus, you should try to avoid your day naps and should get into your bed at night only.
  3. Limit nicotine and alcohol- According to the studies, the effect of caffeine remains for almost next 24 hours after you have had it. This means that it is likely to affect your sleep and leave you sleepless. When you consume alcohol or nicotine especially before going to bed, you are likely to wake up frequently at night. Such stimulants including the caffeine here result into non-restful sleep with frequent arousals. This only makes your body tired and you tend to develop severe headache because of both the reasons- intake of alcohol and lack of sleep. In addition to this, you must know that asthma inhalers and decongestants are also stimulants that can disturb your sleep, so you should consult your doctor and ask about the right time to use it which does not disturb your sleep.
  4. Exercising- When you develop a habit of exercising daily, you are likely to sleep better. Exercising not only tones up your body but also improves sleep quality. However, if you think that exercising right before going to bed at night would help with a better sleep then you are wrong. It will turn out as a stimulant that will take away your sleep and will not let you sleep for the next couple of hours. The fitness experts suggest that there should be at least 3 hours of difference between exercising and sleeping. Exercise, but smartly!
  5. Comfortable sleeping environment- When the bedroom lights are dim with a soft music playing in the background, it soothes your mind and puts you to better sleep. With this, you should also ensure that there are no extra noises in the room. If you have a habit to sleep with your pet, shift him to another room for a few days and you might see a good sleep difference. Since there would be no noise or disturbance, you will have a restful sleep.
  6. Cognitive therapy- When you are suffering from insomnia, a cognitive therapy might work for you. For this, you can visit a psychiatrist who is well-reputed and has years of experience in the respective field. During cognitive therapy, the psychiatrist will make you aware of the symptoms, causes and effects of insomnia. The therapy will teach you about the sleeping norms, reasonable sleep goals and other measures that one should take to have a sound sleep.

Contacting the psychiatrist in Rohini

If the issue of insomnia has taken over your life and you just can’t handle it on your own anymore, it is the time to reach a psychiatrist. Search the internet to find one good psychiatrist or ask your family & friends for some references. If anyone would have acquired such treatment before, he/she would be in a better position to help you out in choosing the best psychiatrist in Rohini and also relieve you by sharing his/her personal experience with that doctor. This way, you will be assured of the finest and the effective treatment.

Thus, look out for the best psychiatrist in Rohini and get your insomnia treated. Time to lead a happier life! Good luck!

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An Insight into the Types of Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD)

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a type of anxiety disorder where a person suffers from compulsive behaviors. Those who suffer from OCD faces extreme obsessions and compulsions, with no control over their actions and feelings. Yes, these obsessions are more than just a bad habit and leads to pessimistic thinking and a disturbed life. In fact, this disorder has a tendency to negatively affect the patient’s relationships and even work sphere. It becomes an everyday struggle to lead a normal life, when a person is suffering from this mental disorder.

Here discussed are the four major types of obsessive compulsive disorders from which the people suffer-

Types of obsessive compulsive disorder

  1. Just-Right OCD- In this type of disorder, the patient wants everything just perfect like, in the right symmetry and in a specific order. It is better known as ‘Just Right’ disorder. For instance, the person suffering from this would feel the instant urge to organize his/her shirts in a particular order of color and count them again and again. Also, such patients also think that if they will do the arranging, counting or ordering of things then a potential danger would be warded off. However, this is not the case with every person suffering from this particular type of order. Also, compulsive slowness is a part of the ‘Just Right’ OCD. Patients suffering from this might be seen spending hours in checking if the hangings at home are straight, clothes are hanged straight on hangers, the count of everything is in even, arranging cans and kitchen boxes with their labels facing forward and keeping home absolutely free of any stains.
  2. Cleaning & washing compulsion- This compulsion involves the urge to clean and wash things again and again. Here, the patient has a fear of threat from contaminated objects, places and other things. For instance, a person may think that the kitchen countertop is dirty with spilled milk and he/she will keep on cleaning it for hours thinking that it might cause an infection, if any part of the dirt is left behind. The fears here include contacting germs from strangers, germs in public places, visiting a medical center and other crowded places where the chances of being attacked by germs are high. To cope up with fear, the patients usually keep sanitizing the things, even throw things, change clothes and avoid going out in public.
  3. Harm obsession & checking compulsion- In this type of disorder, patients live in the fear that they might harm anybody. They experience intrusive images and think that their actions might harm themselves or others. The feelings of uncertainty, dread and doubt mixed with feelings of heightened responsibility are included in this compulsive disorder. For example, these patients might think of a situation where they have forgotten the stove on before leaving the house and that somebody has died due to the house fire. So, they will keep on imagining the situations where they have either harmed themselves or their loved ones. Here, the patients are seen spending hours in checking the car door locks, sink faucets, windows & doors, oven knobs, stove, wallet and also searching information about the different diseases and illnesses.
  4. Hoarding- This is a very rare kind of disorder where the patients have a habit of holding onto the things that are no longer in use. They think that if they will discard the old and worn out items then it will harm others. Such items include junk mails, receipts, old magazines, empty boxes and others. The patients here have emotional attachment with the things and they are afraid to lose them or discard them. They keep those things even when are of hardly any use. The symptoms of this disorder include difficulty in organizing items, confused about keeping the things at a right place, unable to decide about the items to be thrown or kept, having an intense feeling of anxiety, feeling overwhelmed by one’s belongings etc.

Irrespective of the intensity of the OCD, it is curable. You just need to find the right psychiatrist who can provide you the right treatment to cure your disorder. Make sure that the psychiatrist in Rohini that you are planning to hire has the required qualifications and has a good reputation in the medical industry. Also, the doctor should have years of experience, as the experience helps in understanding the patient’s problem better. You can always do your own research on the net to know about the finest psychiatrist in your area. A good psychiatrist will sit with you, listen to your problems and help you through the treatment.

Thus, there is no need for you to worry about the obsessive compulsive disorder. Reach the best psychiatrist in Rohini and get the disorder treated in the minimum possible time.

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Chronic Headache: Everything You Should Know About the Disease

Chronic Headache: Everything You Should Know About the Disease

Awareness about a disease is necessary if you want to get the proper treatment on time. Chronic headache is a very common disease which could be found nowadays. Most people have headaches, but in case you are getting constant headache more days than usual then it might be a sign of chronic headache. Well, chronic headache is not like the normal headache and it has many different types. Chronic refers to how often the headaches occur and how long the condition lasts. The constant nature of chronic daily headaches makes them one of the most disabling headache conditions. Aggressive initial treatment and steady, long-term management might reduce pain and lead to fewer headaches.


signs and symtomsSymptoms of chronic headache are easy to find. If we will go according to the definition chronic daily headaches occur 15 days or more a month, for longer than three months. There are short lasting and long lasting chronic headaches. If a headache lasts more than four hours then it is long lasting headache. The most important types of chronic headache are:

  • Chronic migraine

  • Chronic tension-type headache

  • New daily persistent headache

  • Hemicrania continua

Chronic Migraine

If a person has a history of episode migraine then he is most likely to get the chronic migraine. The most common symptoms of this is:

  • Affect one side or both sides of your head

  • Have a pulsating, throbbing sensation

  • Cause moderate to severe pain

These may cause nausea or vomiting or both. Sensitivity to light and sound are other symptoms of this type of chronic headache.

Chronic tension-type headache

If you have got this headache then it will tend to:

  • Affect both sides of your head

  • Cause mild to moderate pain

  • Cause pain that feels pressing or tightening, but not pulsating

New Daily Persistent Headache

People who have a history of headache get this headache usually. This type of headache comes in a sudden. Within the three days of first headache, they become constant. The main symptoms of this headache are:

  • Often affect both sides of your head

  • Cause pain that feels like pressing or tightening, but not pulsating

  • Cause mild to moderate pain

  • Might have features of chronic migraine or chronic tension-type headache

Hemicrania Continua

It is important to learn and know about these types of migraine. These migraines tend to affect the human body in the worst manner. The main symptoms of this headache are:

  • Affect only one side of your head

  • Are daily and continuous with no pain-free periods

  • Cause moderate pain with spikes of severe pain

  • Respond to the prescription pain reliever indomethacin (Indocin)

  • Can become severe with development of migraine-like symptoms

Apart from these symptoms, the Hermicrania Continua has been associated with few other important symptoms as well. The symptoms are mentioned here:

  • Tearing or redness of the eye on the affected side

  • Nasal congestion or runny nose

  • Drooping eyelid or pupil narrowing

  • Sensation of restlessness

When to Consult Psychiatrist for Chronic Headaches

Definitely, headache is not something that you should ignore. You should always keep a Consult Psychiatristconstant watch and analyze if you have the problem of chronic headache. Depending on the symptoms the chronic headache has been divided into four categories which we have already mentioned above. If you find that your headache is matching with any of these symptoms from above then do consult a psychiatrist. If you find any of the signs and symptoms which are mentioned below then surely you need to consult a psychiatrist for the same.

  • If you have two or more headaches a week

  • If most of the time you are taking pain reliever for headache

  • If you need more than the usual dose of over-the-counter pain relief to relief your headache

  • If you are continuously noticing changes in the headache patter and the pain is worsening day-by-day

  • In case your headache is disabling you from the other works

Apart from these signs, if you are getting the extreme signs of chronic headache then you definitely need to seek the prompt medical aid. The symptoms are mentioned below:

  • Severe and sudden headache

  • Headache which is followed by a fever, stiff neck, confusion, seizure, double vision, weakness, numbness or difficulty speaking

  • In case there is a head injury

  • If the situation is getting worst despite the regular medication

Chronic headache is one of the worst situations. You need the immediate cure, if you are suffering from the disease. Instant medical aid is required for the same. I would suggest contacting Dr. Shashi Bhushan. He is a trusted psychiatrist in Delhi and has been recommended by many for chronic headache treatment.

get well soon by consulting a psychiatrist

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Everything You Should Know About Autistic Disorder

Gathering proper information about every disease is necessary in order to fight with it in best manner. If you are concerned about the child health care then you should be aware about autistic disorder. It is one of the common types of mental disorder which is found in children. Spotting the same is necessary because if the proper treatment is not given on time then it can turn into something even dangerous.

What is Autism?

Before we proceed further in the discussion, it is necessary to know what autism is. Autism, or autism spectrum disorder, refers to a range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication, as well as by unique strengths and differences.

We now know that there is not only one autism case but many types, caused by different combinations of genetic and environmental influences. The term “spectrum” reflects the wide variation in challenges and strengths possessed by each person with autism.

Autism’s most-obvious signs tend to appear between 2 and 3 years of age. In some cases, it can be diagnosed as early as 18 months. Research shows that one in 68 children will be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), a complex developmental disability that affects a child’s ability to communicate, play, learn, and relate to others.

While the symptoms and severity of this spectrum disorder can vary widely between individuals, increased awareness helps parents seek professional guidance early in a child’s life—so that diagnosis and intervention can help children achieve their full potential. These 10 facts about autism should be on every parent’s radar.

Signs of Autism

Signs of autism are not clear, or specific, in infancy. Rather, they emerge, usually gradually, and become more obvious in the second and third year of life. Awareness of the red flags of autism can help parents stay on top of their child’s development so that, at the first signs, they may discuss concerns with a professional. A video tutorial on the early signs of autism provides a starting point.

Development of Autism

There are different patterns of development in children with autism. Some children display early red flags and are delayed in achieving certain developmental milestones. Others may appear to be developing typically and then show signs of developmental slowing along with atypical behaviors associated with autism. Still, other children “regress”—losing words and abilities they once had.

Early Investigation Helps

Evidence-based intervention helps. When such intervention begins as early in life as possible, children usually improve in all aspects of development. The most effective early intervention is comprehensive and aims to improve social, communication, cognitive, motor and behavior regulation skills within predictable semi-structured routines.

The use of naturalistic developmental behavioral intervention strategies is recommended. These involve the use of teaching strategies that are responsive to children’s interests along with behavioral principles such as giving clear and appropriate cues to indicate desired behaviors and then rewarding the child’s attempts.

Social Disconnection of Patient

Children with autism may seem socially distant, but they do love their families. Most desire to have friendships but need help developing the social and communication skills to successfully interact with peers. School programs and therapists with special training can often support to children in developing these skills.

Difficulty in Understanding

Children on the autism spectrum who can speak and display high IQs still face “invisible” challenges. They often struggle with abstract language—like understanding humor and figurative language such as metaphors and puns. As a result, their processing of written language, and even spoken language, may be slow.

Adulthood Can Bring Changes

Adults with autism may be able to perform job duties well. Many adolescents with autism can develop workforce skills as they approach adulthood; however the risk of job dismissal is high because social difficulties can lead to off-putting behaviors. Businesses can increase autism awareness among employees, while providing predictable work routines and clearly defined job activities, to benefit from the unique talents of individuals with ASD.

Spoken Language Is Developed for Autistic Children

Technology can aid non-verbal children with ASD. For children with autism who do not develop spoken language, the use of supportive, visual communication aids is very helpful to develop communication and language skills. These augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) systems can be low-tech, such as Picture Exchange Communication System, or high-tech, such as specialized apps on an iPad. The American Speech-Language Hearing Association website provides helpful information about AAC.

Over Sensitivity

People with autism process sensory information differently. They may be overly or under sensitive to sounds, sights, tastes and touch. This may affect their willingness to wear certain clothes, eat certain foods, or tolerate certain sounds (such as vacuum cleaners, loudspeakers, or even the sound made by fluorescent lights). Children with autism may “hear” or experience discomfort from sounds or visual frequencies that their neurotypical peers don’t even notice.

Special, focused interests are common for people with autism. They often have very strong interests in a specific topic, from science to transportation to superheroes. While the topic itself can vary widely between individuals, they usually have extensive knowledge and may talk about the topic of interest often.

Anxiety is also connected with Autism

Many people with autism experience anxiety. If your child with autism is showing signs of worry, fear, excessive concerns, or other forms of anxiety, discuss this with your child’s doctor as there are interventions that can help.

Understanding a disease is always necessary if you wish to get the timely treatment of the same. gathering proper knowledge and understanding of Autism is what can assist you in fighting with the disease. If you find someone who is suffering from the same then it is necessary to take the necessary consultation and that too on time. Dr. Shashi Bhushan is one of India’s top trusted psychiatrist and the best doctor for autism treatment in Delhi. You can contact Dr. Bhushan for the best treatment. With the years of experience in the industry, you will get the best assistance from him.

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Guide to a Better Sleep at Night

If you fall asleep as soon as you hit the bed, then you are really lucky. A large number of people suffer from insomnia and it is very difficult for them to sleep in the night. Insomnia is basically a sleeping disorder that doesn’t let you fall asleep or stay you asleep for long. Days after days, people have sleepless nights and it can happen out of various circumstances. Insomnia can be categorized based on its duration. When people suffer from sleepless nights for short period. It does not last more than a month. It happens usually due to tension and it calls acute insomnia.When a person has sleepless nights at least three days in a week for a month or longer that might be chronic insomnia. Stress, physical and mental discomfort can be the reason behind insomnia but the good news is insomnia can be cured. Here are some tips for having a good night sleep.

Maintain a sleep cycle

Make sure that you are going to the bed same time every night. Try to hit the bed early in the night and wake up in the early morning. Have at least 7-8 hours of sleep everyday. Maintaining a sleep cycle will help you to get rid of insomnia.

Avoid gadgets

Using gadgets before going to the bed cause less sleep. Don’t look at the mobile or laptop screen for too long. Even avoid watching television before the bed time. That also does not let you sleep. So switch off all your phones, tablets, computers, television before one or two hour of your bed time. The electronic screen emits a blue light that disrupts the production of melatonin in your body, and it leads to less sleep.

Avoid stressful activity

Avoid stressful activity before going to sleep. Discussion on serious issues, catching up on work or chatting on social media. This will lead to insomnia. In fact one should avoid long conversations with family members and friends in the night.

Avoid naps

Taking naps during the day can disrupt your good night sleep. If you feel that you have to take a nap, then limit it to 30 minutes before 3 p.m.

Food and Drink

Have dinner in the early evening and avoid heavy meals. Don’t intake much water or any other liquid before going to bed. Avoid drinking alcohol. Avoid drinking caffeinated beverages 6 hours before your bed time.

Now you know the basic principle for getting a good night sleep. In this you actually can prevent insomnia. Even you can go for medical help if need. Just book an appointment and go to your near by psychiatrist.

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