Six Best Tips to Beat Insomnia

Six Best Tips to Beat Insomnia

Suffering from insomnia can be highly devastating. It not only hampers your daily sleep but also ruins your daily routine, as improper sleep keeps your body lousy throughout the day. As a result of which, you are unable to concentrate on your studies and work. Insomnia is mainly caused by changes in the environment like noise, change of sleeping place, bed, temperature change etc. With this, emotional distress related to family, occupation and finance; physical discomfort like chronic pain, any syndrome etc.; medications and jet lag also affect the sleeping patterns, leading to insomnia in many.

This blog talks about some of the effective tips that you must follow to handle the problem of insomnia. Read this piece further to know about those tips-

Useful tips to tackle the problem of insomnia

  1. Waking and sleeping at same time- You should try to get into bed and then wake up at the same time regularly. True that weekends tempt you to sleep more but control this temptation especially if you are suffering from insomnia. You need to train your mind so that your sleep patterns work in a proper clock and you get in and out of bed at a consistent time.
  2. Limit naps- If you have a habit of taking a nap in the afternoon or at some other time of the day then limit it. When you take a nap in the day, you cut on your night’s sleep time. Napping can be a great idea to balance your missed sleep but it might not be effective to treat insomnia. Thus, you should try to avoid your day naps and should get into your bed at night only.
  3. Limit nicotine and alcohol- According to the studies, the effect of caffeine remains for almost next 24 hours after you have had it. This means that it is likely to affect your sleep and leave you sleepless. When you consume alcohol or nicotine especially before going to bed, you are likely to wake up frequently at night. Such stimulants including the caffeine here result into non-restful sleep with frequent arousals. This only makes your body tired and you tend to develop severe headache because of both the reasons- intake of alcohol and lack of sleep. In addition to this, you must know that asthma inhalers and decongestants are also stimulants that can disturb your sleep, so you should consult your doctor and ask about the right time to use it which does not disturb your sleep.
  4. Exercising- When you develop a habit of exercising daily, you are likely to sleep better. Exercising not only tones up your body but also improves sleep quality. However, if you think that exercising right before going to bed at night would help with a better sleep then you are wrong. It will turn out as a stimulant that will take away your sleep and will not let you sleep for the next couple of hours. The fitness experts suggest that there should be at least 3 hours of difference between exercising and sleeping. Exercise, but smartly!
  5. Comfortable sleeping environment- When the bedroom lights are dim with a soft music playing in the background, it soothes your mind and puts you to better sleep. With this, you should also ensure that there are no extra noises in the room. If you have a habit to sleep with your pet, shift him to another room for a few days and you might see a good sleep difference. Since there would be no noise or disturbance, you will have a restful sleep.
  6. Cognitive therapy- When you are suffering from insomnia, a cognitive therapy might work for you. For this, you can visit a psychiatrist who is well-reputed and has years of experience in the respective field. During cognitive therapy, the psychiatrist will make you aware of the symptoms, causes and effects of insomnia. The therapy will teach you about the sleeping norms, reasonable sleep goals and other measures that one should take to have a sound sleep.

Contacting the psychiatrist in Rohini

If the issue of insomnia has taken over your life and you just can’t handle it on your own anymore, it is the time to reach a psychiatrist. Search the internet to find one good psychiatrist or ask your family & friends for some references. If anyone would have acquired such treatment before, he/she would be in a better position to help you out in choosing the best psychiatrist in Rohini and also relieve you by sharing his/her personal experience with that doctor. This way, you will be assured of the finest and the effective treatment.

Thus, look out for the best psychiatrist in Rohini and get your insomnia treated. Time to lead a happier life! Good luck!

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