An Insight into Adolescent Problems and Their Solutions

Perhaps, dealing with an adolescent is not that easy. While handling them, you will also have to handle their changing moods and different emotions that they go through. No doubt, children in their teenage do suffer a lot of behavioral problems, which in turn becomes a big problem for their parents. If you are a parent then you always have a way out to talk to your kids and understand about the real issue which is making them aggressive, depressed or whatever emotion they are going through. It is highly important to read their mind and fix the issue than to keep lingering and leaving them in their condition. Delays can worsen their condition.

Discussed in this blog are some of the major adolescent problems and the ways to handle them. Go through these points under-

Adolescent problems and tips to handle them

  • Addictions- In the adolescent age, children usually develop various kinds of addictions like alcohol addiction, drug addiction, sex addiction and others. This is due to their curiosity of trying and experiencing new things in life, which make them fall into various addictions. So, you shouldn’t be shocked to see your 16 or 17 year old kid addicted to smoking or drinking. If you find that your kid’s friends are also involved in that addiction then it is definitely not a mental illness that your child is suffering from. Being a parent, you don’t have to panic dealing with such a situation. You should sit with your kid and make her understand about the negative repercussions of having alcohol and indulging in any other addiction. Tell them it is not considered ‘cool’ to develop such addictions.
  • Aggression- Anger or aggression is one of the most prevalent problem in adolescents. You might find your teenager kid talking back to you or screaming, shouting when you point out them for anything. In this condition, you will have to understand that anger is one of the many emotions and when it comes to adolescents, these emotions take an extreme level. You have to give them time to comprehend their own emotions. You might be tempted to shout even louder on these kids when they are answering back but hold the temptation. This will not fetch you the desired and will neither bring your kid to the right track. You have to be really patient with your kids.
  • Increased use of phones and tabs- This is again one of the most common issues among adolescents. They spend more time with their phones and other gadgets than they spend with their parents in person. Though the use of phones to stay in touch is not bad but as it is said, excess of everything is bad. It can badly affect your kids’ lifestyle, career and their personal life even. When they will be on phone every time, they will hardly get time or be interested in interacting and socializing with other people physically. They will remain in the virtual world only. The solution to this is only making your kids cut off from the outside world by grabbing their mobile phones but you need to limit the use of phones and other gadgets. Do give them mobile phones but make the rules stricter. For instance, you can make a rule that they won’t get pocket money if they will overuse their gadgets. A little smartness is important.
  • Mood swings- Teenagers go through a variety of moods. They can be extremely happy at times and severely upset at others. So, you will have to bear their moods and handle them with care. However, if these mood swings are severe then it might be depression and you will have to consult a psychiatrist for this. If you are handling your kids on your own then make sure that you don’t make them feel that they are overreacting. Don’t make them think that their behavior is abnormal. Their condition can worsen if you will make them realize that they are facing a health issue.

Above discussed are only some out of many adolescent issues. If your child is facing any other issue besides these then you must consult a psychiatrist. A psychiatrist will be in a better position to guide you in the perfect possible manner. And, to find the best psychiatrist in Rohini, you can check out the internet for the same. Or you can go out, reach your friends and other relatives who have earlier approached any psychiatrist, to get the references of good psychiatrists from them. Since they have already availed the treatment, they will be able to provide you a genuine and unbiased feedback about the doctor. So, it’s the time that you do not worry about the adolescent problems. You can just reach the best psychiatrist in Delhi and get the solution. Good luck!

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