Guide to a Better Sleep at Night

If you fall asleep as soon as you hit the bed, then you are really lucky. A large number of people suffer from insomnia and it is very difficult for them to sleep in the night. Insomnia is basically a sleeping disorder that doesn’t let you fall asleep or stay you asleep for long. Days after days, people have sleepless nights and it can happen out of various circumstances. Insomnia can be categorized based on its duration. When people suffer from sleepless nights for short period. It does not last more than a month. It happens usually due to tension and it calls acute insomnia.When a person has sleepless nights at least three days in a week for a month or longer that might be chronic insomnia. Stress, physical and mental discomfort can be the reason behind insomnia but the good news is insomnia can be cured. Here are some tips for having a good night sleep.

Maintain a sleep cycle

Make sure that you are going to the bed same time every night. Try to hit the bed early in the night and wake up in the early morning. Have at least 7-8 hours of sleep everyday. Maintaining a sleep cycle will help you to get rid of insomnia.

Avoid gadgets

Using gadgets before going to the bed cause less sleep. Don’t look at the mobile or laptop screen for too long. Even avoid watching television before the bed time. That also does not let you sleep. So switch off all your phones, tablets, computers, television before one or two hour of your bed time. The electronic screen emits a blue light that disrupts the production of melatonin in your body, and it leads to less sleep.

Avoid stressful activity

Avoid stressful activity before going to sleep. Discussion on serious issues, catching up on work or chatting on social media. This will lead to insomnia. In fact one should avoid long conversations with family members and friends in the night.

Avoid naps

Taking naps during the day can disrupt your good night sleep. If you feel that you have to take a nap, then limit it to 30 minutes before 3 p.m.

Food and Drink

Have dinner in the early evening and avoid heavy meals. Don’t intake much water or any other liquid before going to bed. Avoid drinking alcohol. Avoid drinking caffeinated beverages 6 hours before your bed time.

Now you know the basic principle for getting a good night sleep. In this you actually can prevent insomnia. Even you can go for medical help if need. Just book an appointment and go to your near by psychiatrist.

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