Tips to Lead a Better Life with Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Affective Disorder is a kind of mental disorder where a patient suffers from swings in the mood and energy level. No doubt, this disorder affects all the arenas of life be it personal or professional. Patients suffering from this disease experience confusion, irritation, anger, disappointment, exciting and other emotions. At one moment, the patient cam ne excited about something and at the other, he/she may start crying over an issue. The depression in this disease is highly common and thus, it should be treated at the right time. Also, manic and hypomanic episodes are also a part of this disease.

Some of the symptoms that are common in such patients include racing thoughts, hallucinations, delusions, poor decision making, rash business decisions, reckless behavior, drug and alcohol use, frequent misunderstanding, suicidal thoughts, inability to accomplish work projects and various other disappointments in daily life. If you find any person with such symptoms or if you are facing the same then you must visit a psychiatrist as soon as possible.

In case your spouse is suffering from bipolar affective disorder and is denying the treatment then you should protect yourself from the possibility of physical abuse when he/she is highly irritated, financial abuse in a situation of debt, emotional abuse/cruel behavior and verbal abuse that might come out of rampant blaming and fights. So, you have to safeguard yourself while convincing your partner to get the treatment before it worsens even more.

Below discussed are some of the tips for patients suffering from bipolar affective disorder. Go through them to lead a better and smoother life.

Important tips to live with bipolar affective disorder

  • Remain connected- It is always suggested to stay connected with friends and family so that there are less chances of your mood getting changed. Mood changes usually happen when you seclude yourself from others and stay alone. You should keep your support system ready and this system can include your doctor, friends, family and counselors. You should remember that more the interaction with others, lesser you will be at risk of a depressive mood. You can survive with a bipolar affective disorder by being connected to your community and social groups.
  • Maintain a routine- You should maintain a routine of taking your medicines on time and getting enough sleep. It is very important to take proper 8-10 hour sleep to keep your mind calm and mood stable. You should know that lack of sleep can make your irritated and angry, which in turn can result into severe mood swing attack. In addition to this, taking out time for workout for at least 20 minutes can keep you refreshed while eating healthy food can keep your mind 7 body away from toxins. Thus, you will have to develop a regular habit of taking care of yourself.
  • Develop coping skills- When suffering from bipolar affective disorder, you should be aware of the coping skills that you need to engage yourself in. since different coping methods work for different patients, so you have to look for the one technique that works the best for you. The coping techniques basically involves different activities that can keep your calm, stable and composed. What you can do is simply list down these skills so that, you have it in hand when you are in such kind of situation.
  • Track symptoms- You should track the symptoms of your mood swings. You will usually get to know before you are attacked by the severe mood swing attack. You should keep a check on the behaviors and stressors that can affect your mood and thus, avoid getting yourself stuck in untoward situation.
  • Learn and learn more- You should have more and more knowledge about your disorder and the treatments that are needed to cure it. Whatever questions or confusions you have of your disease, you should clear it out with your counselor or the psychiatrist that you have approached.

Approaching the right psychiatrist

Planning to reach the best available psychiatrist in your city? If yes then you will have to do your own research to contact the best psychiatrist in Rohini. You can browse through the internet to get on with the top psychiatrists and then shortlist a few of them on the basis of array of psychiatric treatments offered, qualification of the doctor, infrastructure of the clinic/hospital, reputation in the industry and not to forget, the prices of such treatments. After shortlisting, you can finally reach the one that you think meets all your requirements well. Make sure that the psychiatrist has experience and has treated a number of patients successfully in the past. More the experience of the psychiatrist, more will be the chances of better treatment. Thus, reach the right psychiatrist and get your disease treated now. Take care!

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