Easy Ways to Worry less and Get Rid of Anxiety

Get Rid of Anxiety

Do you always feel anxious and worry, no matter what the scenario is? The average person spends 80 percent of the time thinking or regretting about his past and worried about the future. But, when these things start affecting your everyday work and life then it’s neither good for your physical health not mental health.

We always worry about our problems. But what does it do? Does it helps in solving the problems or does it make them even worse?

Well, worrying is not the problem solving tactic that should be adopted by anyone.  How something will end up will never depends on how much you worry about it.

People worry about the three most common things like – Love, career and money. Apart from these, there are small things that also bothers people and make them feel stressed like passing a test, cracking an interview, missing something important, passing a deadline, etc.

But, worrying about these thing are not going to help you. You will have to find the real solution instead of just worrying and affecting your mental as well as physical health.

If you want to worry less and start living a stress-free life then here are few tips that are tried and tested and gives good result.

Simple Ways to Worry Less

Acknowledge It

You shouldn’t ignore what’s happening inside you. Trying to ignore what’s worrying you will not resolve the issue but it will only let it fester. If you are tensed and worried then acknowledge it. Do not just ignore it but acknowledge that you don’t have any control over the situation. In simple words don’t own your worries. They often very different from the reality of the situation and sometimes your own assumptions is what kills you from inside.

Think About Worrying Differently

Taking stress or feeling worried is quite normal, but in extreme cases the things can go wrong. Think about what and how your worry can help in resolving the issues or problems that you are facing? Think what does worry serve? Can it help in resolving the problem, or prevent it from happening? If you don’t find the good cause of taking stress then it’s time to think about worrying differently.

Have a To-Do-List

When you have nothing to do then you actually get more time to think. You will always think about the same thing or the same scenarios that have triggered stress or worry in your life. One of the best you can do to overcome this situation is having a to-do-list. And also set a deadline for this so that you can really get yourself involved in completing the tasks that are unmarked on your do-to-list. This will keep you away from thinking anything that bothers and prevent from doing destructive things.

Read a Book

Most of the time people feel stressed when they go to their bed at night. So, instead of thinking something destructive, simply read a book until you don’t fall asleep. You can read any book even a cookbook. This will help you to think differently and divert your mind from the thoughts that are bothering you. And if you can’t read a book then you can use that cookbook to try a new recipe for the next day.

Tell Someone

If you have any friends or someone you can trust on then go and share your feelings. Tell them why you are worried or tensed. What is killing you from inside? What is it that don’t let you sleep, or you thinking all the time? Let someone help to lift up you before you slide down.

Write it down

If you think you cannot share your problems with someone or is it too personal that can’t be shared to anyone, or you can’t let anyone to know about this then write down everything that are causing worry and stress. This will help you to closely know the real problem you should be worried about and also the ones that hyped up fear. Bringing words from your brain to your dairy or on a paper will help to calm the chaos in your mind.


Doing exercises or meditation is not only good for your physical health condition, but affects your mind as well. Meditation provides you peace of mind and calms you. Slowly you would start feeling positivity around you. It soothes your mind. We all must do exercise for at least half an hour daily.And if not this, you can simply do a few of the easiest exercises like jumping jacks, dancing, etc.

Is It a Fact or Fiction?

It is important to know that the things that are bothering you are real or just your assumptions. For this you can make a chart. On the extreme left corner write worries you’re having. In the next column write fact or the real evidences that you have to support or justify your anxiety. If you feel you have no real evidences to support your beliefs then this means the things you are worried for, are just imaginary. And knowing this will reduce half of the worries you have.

If the worries or stress you have left untreated then this may result into anxiety attack. Then you will have to consult to a psychiatrist, who will diagnose the mental illness and prescribe the medication or psychotherapy for the treatment. Worrying for a few things is normal but, your stress or anxiety can get worse over time. This may start interfering your daily work activities. Hence, you should take necessary steps in order to reduce your stress.

So, next time when you feel yourself overwhelmed with worries and stress then you can do the above-mentioned things to reduce worry. Just take a deep breath and know that worrying for anything is normal, you just know what changes you have to make in the way you think that will reduce your stress.

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