How to Know You Need to See a Psychiatrist?

Thinking is good, but overthinking is not good for your mental peace or health. This can be turned into severe depressive disorder. Similarly, stress is normal but, if you are too much stressed then it’s not good for your both mental as well as physical health. Whether it’s the death of a loved one or you are feeling depressed, you must know that you can get help from specialists to help you cope with depression, anxiety and other type of mental disorder. You can consult or see a psychiatrist in Rohini. But, how would you know when is the right time to see a psychiatrist? Before answering the question, we want to know that do you even know who is a psychiatrist and what does he do?

Let’s first know who is a psychiatrist and what does a psychiatrist do?

Who is a Psychiatrist?

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor or specialist, who evaluate, diagnose and treat a person suffers from temporary or chronic mental health problems. Psychiatrist are not the general practitioners, in fact they are the medical doctors, who attend extra schooling for treating the people suffering from mental disorders.

Are Psychiatrists and Psychologists same?

Usually, people think a psychologist and psychiatrist are same. Because they work together for the well-being of a patient, suffering from mental disorder, the description of a psychiatrist and psychologist overlap. However, there are many crucial differences between the psychiatrist and psychologist and the main difference is the method or nature of the treatment within two professions.

Unlike the psychologist, psychiatrist are the medical doctors and can prescribe medication to treat your mental illness. So, do not get confused between psychologist and psychiatrist.

So, now as you know the difference between these two professions and also that what does a psychiatrist do, then you can know when and why you need to see a psychiatrist.

If you are just stressed and depressed and the condition is not severe then this can be treated by a psychotherapist, and there is no requirement to see a psychiatrist. Here know when you should actually need to see a psychiatrist for your mental health problem.

Time to See a Psychiatrist

Mild depression is the result of the traumatic or tragic incidence or events in a patient’s life. This would be diagnosed and treated by the psychiatrist. He will ask questions to you know the root of the problem so that he can prescribe the right medication and treat the patient.

Anxiety disorder is another common mental disorder that can be addressed by the psychiatrist. This disorder involves unexplained fear, negative thoughts, phobias, etc. which affect the patient’s mood, social life and career as well. Just like depression, anxiety disorder is also considered as mild psychiatric disorder and can be treated by the psychiatrist.

Schizophrenia is a severe psychiatric disorder but, this can be treated or cured with medication. This type of mental disorder requires careful evaluation and treated by medication. Schizophrenia is considered as chronic mental disorder, and there are many cases of successful recovery.

These are some of the common symptoms that say you need to see a psychiatrist. Now, let’s see what will happen when you will meet with a psychiatrist for the first time.

What Will Happen

The first appointment with your psychiatrist will be 1- 2 hours long. During the counselling, your doctor will ask you a few questions to know more about you. So, he will

  • Ask about your general health
  • Talk to you to know your health condition and symptoms
  • Ask to fill a questionnaire to diagnose the disorder
  • Know your family history

These things will help your doctor to know about your mental disorder so that he can reach to the root of the problem and prescribe medication to treat you.

Well, it might take a few appointments for full diagnosis, after which your doctor can make the right treatment plan for you. So, if the diagnosis is the completed then it’s time to make the treatment plan. The treatment will be the combination of therapies that suits your mental and physical health needs, personal preferences, age, etc. You and your psychiatrist will work together to make the treatment plan, which is right for you.

It is useful to do some preparation before the first appointment with your psychiatrist. you can call the best psychiatrist in Rohini to book your appointment and if you have any doubts then you can ask question while booking the appointment.

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