Don’t Ignore These 8 Symptoms of Depression

Most people feel sad or low at times. Sadness, feeling hopeless, loss of pleasure in daily activities – these are some symptoms familiar to all of us. But when it prolongs and affects our life substantially then it is more than just sadness. It may be depression. In the case of depression, a person feel helpless, worthless and hopeless. It is a very common and serious medical illness that can negatively affect any person. Furthermore, depression can lead to several emotional and physical problems and can affect a person’s ability to function properly at work and at home. Fortunately, it is a treatable disease. You can consult a psychiatrist in Delhi to curb depression problems. In this article, I am going to tell you about symptoms of depression. You must know it so that you can earlier recognize the problems and find the best treatment for the same.

Top 8 Symptoms of Depression

Lack of Concentration: When you have difficulty in focusing on doing your daily activities such as reading books, watching television, listening to music, or talking to other people then it is may be a symptom of depression.

Irregular Eating Habits: When you lose your appetite or develop a tendency of overeating then it may be also a sign of depression. You should not take it easily. It can be a matter of concern.

Loss of Interest: When you find nothing really gives you pleasure anymore then it is a matter of concern. You may lose your interest of doing anything including hobbies and sex. It can be a big sign of depression.

Lack of Energy: A person may feel extremely tired all the time in the case of depression. Generally, a depressed person has little energy and not be interested to do their regular routine or do them with a lot of effort.

Doubt on Self-worth: You may have doubt on your self-worth. You may feel you are worthless and useless. There is no worth of your existence or life. In a general, you may treat yourself as a failure.

Irregular Sleeping Habits: You may find difficulty in your sleep habit. You may wakeup in the midnight or too early in the morning. Apart from this, you may find yourself in sleeping all the time, and struggle to wake up. In general, you may have irregular sleep habits.

Restlessness and Irregular Movement: Irregular movement is also a sign of depression. You may find yourself speaking much slower than you used to earlier. Or, you may moving around much more than usual. You find yourself restless.

Thoughts of self-harms: It is the major symptom of depression and hence you should never ignore it. You may have thoughts that you are useless and there is no need of your existence. You may think about harming yourself.


These are common symptoms a person in depression may feel. If you recognize any of aforementioned symptoms then you should talk to your loved ones. And, you must consult a good psychiatrist in Rohini without making delay. Depression is treatable and you can overcome it quickly with the aid of right psychiatry treatment.

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