What are the Causes of Memory Loss

Forgetting things is not an issue as it is a normal behavior of people that they forget the things but when this becomes a part of routine and a person tends to forget even the small things then it is a problem. There are people who have excellent memory and at the meantime there are people who have weak memory but there are people who have exceptionally low memory. Memory loss is a disease which is often referred as dementia in medical language. There can be many reasons for memory loss and we are mentioning few of the most important ones here.

Poor Concentration: Poor concentration can be one amongst the reason for memory loss. Due to lack of concentration people tend to forget even the small things. Poor concentration can be a result of depression and anxiety as well.

Depression: When people are depressed, they totally get cut off from rest of the things in and around them and this can create the situation of memory loss. Depression is one amongst the most common reason for the same. It slows the thinking of a person.

Physical Illness: The physical illness also causes memory loss. This is also amongst the very common reasons for depression and probably something that makes a person lose his concentration as well. When a person falls ill it can affect his concentration as well and this can make him to forget even the small descriptions and details.

Age: Age is also a factor that makes people to forget things easily. Mind works slow with the passage of time and this is a reason why people tend to lose their memory at older age.

Dementia: And, the most common reason and cause of memory loss is dementia. This often happens with people above the age of sixty years. Dementia is a condition of the brain which causes a gradual loss of mental ability. The most common cause for the same is Alzheimer’s disease or Vascular Dementia.

So, these are few of the causes of memory loss. Treatment for the same is required if things are in the adverse conditions. Consulting a good doctor for dementia treatment would always provide a fruitful result.

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