What are the Symptoms of Bipolar Affective Disorder?

One very common term that people nowadays hear in consideration with mental illness is bipolar affective disorder. Before learning about the signs and symptoms of bipolar affective disorder, it is very important to understand what bipolar affective disorder actually is. We all have ups and downs in our life and this could be clearly illustrated by our mood. Mood swing is very common because human is after all filled with emotions completely. But, when the mood swing is extreme and the peaks and valleys are more severe, then it is termed as bipolar affective disorder.

It can completely ruin your personal and professional life and could also take a person to depression. However, mood swing is a very common thing that in most of the cases people actually cannot differentiate that it is actually a bipolar affective disorder or a general mood swing. Knowing about the symptoms of the same, would help you to identify the disease in better way.

Feeling Irritable: Sometime you feel high and optimistic and on the same time you feel negative. A mood swing and that too much frequent determines that you are suffering from maniac attack.,

Unrealistic, Grandiose Beliefs about One’s Abilities or Powers: Believing that one has the super powers or the things are not realistic then also it suggests that a person is suffering from bipolar disorder.

Sleeping Very Little, but Feeling Extremely Energetic: A little sleep but feeling of a high level of energy, if you are also feeling like the same then beware it is a very common sign of anxiety disorder.

Talking so rapidly those others can’t Keep Up: Speaking continuously or speaking rapidly is also a sign of bipolar disorder and that too in the case when the people on another side are unable to understand.

Racing Thoughts; Jumping Quickly from One Idea to the Next: Not sticking to an idea and jumping from one thing to another is also a strong sign of the disease.

Highly Distractible, Unable to Concentrate: Not able to concentrate even in a peaceful and favorable environment also suggests that everything is not fine.

So, these are few of the very strong signs and symptoms of bipolar anxiety disorder. It is required that this should be treated well by a good and reputed doctor for bipolar anxiety disorder treatment in Delhi or of your area.

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