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I Shashi Bhusan Kumar, M.B.B.S, M.D. (Psychiatry), AIIMS, New Delhi wants to share my experience of 23 years of eventful journey and what encouraged me to become a doctor. We all know about Bihar as it's the biggest cultural heritage places not just in India, but in the entire world. Buddha attained enlightenment and Lord Mahaveer also attained Salvation in this holly place and who don't know about the Nalanda University, world's first residential university is in Bihar. I was born in a farmer family in Bihar and feel pleased and blessed that I Belong to such a sacred place. My mother who was suffering from Malaria was recovered in few days with few dozes of medicines, this incident left an ineradicable mark on mind and since that they day my was to become a Doctor. I took admission in Patna Medical College after completing my 12th from a government school and cracking the entrance examination of medical. Time had presented a challenge in front of me that to get a Post Graduate degree with limited and my higher hopes my two dreams started together and this fulfilled my fondest dream of getting admission in AIIMS (Delhi). The patients who were suffering from mental illness and their families touched my heart deeply and I grew fond of my subject in a very short span of time. The three years of AIIMS completed very soon I feel like I had started yesterday.

While studying and examine all aspects of psychiatry one question always hits my mind that how did our ancestors dealt with this field of science as per our tradition. For getting this question's answer I came across with ancient and respected treatment which is called as "Charak-Samhita", which was an overwhelming experience.

This means that disease are of three types – (1) Self, (2) Accidental, (3) Mental. Self diseases - Body - related which originates from VATA (the air or Nerve System humour), PITT (the fire humour), KAPHA (the water humour). Accidental- which germinates from poison and polluted air, fire, accident, injury etc. Mental- Mind- related, which emanates as a consequence of the unfulfilled desires and by the acquisition of unwanted things. It's clearly mentioned even in Charak-Samhita that if a person lives in his own social and economy amplitude then he can save himself from mental illness.

I did my M.D. in the year 2001 to 2003 from AIIMS, New Delhi and then did my senior residency from Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi in the year 2004 to 2007. Afterwards I worked in Metro Hospital, Patelnagar. Henceforth I joined one of the most esteemed hospitals, 'Indian Spinal Injuries Centre', Vasant Kunj and still serving (giving my humble contribution) there.

By the time passed I become the citizen of this city Delhi but soon I was upset with the extra population of the city and never ending rush or traffic of this city left me exasperated. The breakdown of the joint family system and the increasing weight of the city culture is enough to wear out any human being. Economic liberalization, commercialism and consumer culture has given us a lot of facilities and fulfilled many of our needs but has robbed us of our gaiety and beatitude. Consciously or unconsciously, people are tormented with a lot of problems and their mind/mental health has to pay the biggest price and it becomes quite painful when somebody's mother comes along and informs that her son wants to end his life. Somebody else says that her mother-in-law intends to terminate her life by poisoning the water. The mother of a small kid says that her son cannot retain or recollect whatever he has studied. The pathos and predicament of human suffering forces me to consider this moot question that when would our youth start contributing towards the righteous goal of nation-building? But I am firm in my resolve to serve the society in every possible way.

Along with serving people in my humble capacity at above mentioned places, I also run my private clinics at Shalimar Bagh and Rohini. I have strong desire and giving my concerted efforts to ameliorate the suffering of people and to make them free from mental illness.

Glimpses of "Role of Yoga in Psychosocial Management of SCI" in patients at ISCoS 2018, Sydney, Australia.

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Psychologist Psychiatrist and Peer Counsellor Meeting at ICC, Sydney for Future Development along with Stanley Ducharme and Other

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Talking About Role of Yoga in Management of Depression in Patients with Spinal Cord Injuries at ISCoS Meeting Sydney 2108

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Talking About Role of Yoga in Management of Depression in Patients with Spinal Cord Injuries at ISCoS Meeting Sydney 2108

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Attending Instructional Course Meeting Named “Role of Yoga in Psychosocial Management of SCI” in Patients at ISCoS 2018, Sydney, Australia

Presentation of ISCoS Meeting Sydney, Australia 2018

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