Why is Depression More Common in Women

Depression is a state of mind that makes a person so weak and helpless that he can even think to end up his life. Depression is not a diseases but it is a state of mind which makes a person weak. There can be many reasons for depression and there are many stages of depression as well. According to many researches, it has been found that depression affects women more than man. As women are considered to be emotionally weak and this may be one amongst the reasons why they are the sufferers of depression the most. We are here highlighting few other very common reasons and symptoms to justify why depression is more common in women.

Negative Feelings: As compared to men, women are more likely to get diverted towards negative things and feelings, and this is a reason why they are the worst sufferers of depression. They take things in negative manner most of the time and due to which they end up with the self created world of negativity.

Overwhelming Stress at Work and Home: Women have more things to do and manage in their life. She has to manage office, home, children, and school. It is great as she is a multitasker but sometimes this leads her to lose control over her mind and should and hence become a reason for depression too.

Body Images Issue: Women are more obsessed for their looks. Though they always want to get complimented for the same but at the meantime they would be surrounded by the thought if they are not looking good. Whether it is for the looks, figure or body shape; they are much more worried about the same.

Marital or Relationship Problems: Women are more emotional than men and this is a reason why they are more serious for a relationship. A small problem in marital relationship can make them to think more and this is a reason why most of the women end up with depression if everything in relationship is not going well.

Health Problems: Health problems like PCOS, PCOD are few other things that divert a women mind to the state of depression. Many women are the sufferers of depression because of their health issues and it has been proven too.

Depression is definitely a state of mind that needs the timely treatment. The points that we have mentioned above are based on the research. The timely advice and assistance of a psychiatrist for mental disorder is required when the situation is like this.

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