Blue Whale Game: Everything Parents Need to Know About This Suicide Game

An international matter of concern for everyone now is Blue Whale Challenge. The game which has been developed in Russia has taken more than three hundred lives so far, across the world. It is not an ordinary game but is a suicide game because the last and final stage of the game makes the player to commit suicide. Whether positive or negative, the popularity of the game is luring more and more teenagers and distracting their mind by that.

As brainwash of teenagers is quite easy as compared to others and their tendency to take challenges very easily, makes them the first target of the curators operating blue whale game or other suicide games like these. In this article we are trying to spread the awareness about the game so that the precious life of the children could be saved. Below-mentioned are few of the most important things that parents need to know about this challenge.

What is the Game: This is an online game. It is named so because the blue whale beaches themselves intentionally to die. The ultimate stage of the game is to end the life, hence it is called so.

Online Task: The online administrators assign the task to the player. The players are given a period of fifty days to complete each task. They are supposed to take the photo and upload it in the website as a proof of their acceptance of the challenge.

Access of Personal Date: By accepting the terms and conditions of the game, the administer gets access of the personal date of the player. And hence, even if the player wants to quit the game in the middle he could not because the curators blackmails the player and also threatens to take the life of parents.

Secret Invitation: This game is neither available online, nor the link of the game is there in the social media. The administrators of the game secretly select the players and send them the link.

Age Group: Teens are much vulnerable of social media and hence the children of the age between 12 to 19 years are much prone to become the target of this deadly challenge.

Being a parent, it is your responsibility to keep a close watch in your child’s activity all the time. You should check his activity, and in case you find something suspicious then you should talk to them. If the situation is not in the position to be handled by you then consult a psychiatrist for the same as he would help you to save your child from this suicide game.

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