How to deal with social anxiety disorder

Social anxiety disorder commonly known as social phobia is one of the largest health-care problem these days. So many people are suffering from this disorder but the strangest thing is people still wonder that what social anxiety disorder is? It is particular situation when one tries to avoid socializing or social get together where they have to talk to people, make eye contact to them. They are afraid because they think that people will judge them or evaluate them negatively. No matter how much they want to socialize or behave friendly but they always seem like they are withdrawn.inhibited and unfriendly. This chronic disorder don’t let them to participate in socializing. There are various symptoms of social anxiety. Some people blush, tremble, sweat while meeting new people while others feel nauseous or become self-conscious. This disorder can be a hereditary problem also.The social anxiety makes people insecure and nervous all the time but they don’t face panic attacks like others who are suffering from different metal disorder. Social anxiety can be treated with proper treatment just like other mental ailments. One should start treatment once he notices any of the aforementioned symptoms. Here are some suggestions that can help you.

Ask for medical help

If you are noticing any of the social anxiety disorder symptoms in you or in anyone around you. Just ask for medical help. Go through a check-up. You can’t cure this disorder on your own. So just go for the medical treatments. There are various treatment and therapies to help you out. Don’t hesitate or don’t procrastinate .Try to get help as soon as possible.


CBT or the cognitive behavioral therapy is the most important part of the treatment for this disorder. Most of the psychriatist suggest this therapy. Through this treatment people learn to think and behave or to react to different situations in different manners.That help you to feel less anxious. Cognitive behavioral therapy also helps to learn the social skills. Through this therapy people actually get normalized over time.


Intaking medicines doesn’t mean just popping up pills randomly. There are some anti depressant and anti anxiety medicines that can help you to get rid of this disorder. At least to some extent. But take medicines only if your psychiatrist prescribes it and don’t take medicines for long time. You should not be dependable on medication. Taking medicines for long time can also decrease the effectiveness of the medicine as your body get accustomed with it.

There are other type of therapies too. Even you can join groups which are specially made for the socially anxious people, where the group members are also suffering from the same problem. So they can support you mentally. Try to ask for help to the psychiatrists in your locality as soon as possible.

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