How To Prevent Depression

There are times when you feel low unnecessarily, and melancholia captures your mind completely.  This certain type of psychological disorder is called Depression. It affects people in different ways.  It puts some people at loss of hope, some feel inertia for days after days while some get exasperated for no reason. Apathy, self-loathing, inferiority complex, and sadness are also caused by depression. Depression can happen anytime and for any reason. But depression is easily curable and even can be prevented. If you have started noticing any of the depression symptoms or any sudden change in your behavior that matches the aforementioned symptoms then you should follow some tips immediately.

Maintain a sleep cycle

Are you becoming insomniac? Or sleeping all the day? Both the situation can be alarming. Staying awake till late night or lying down in the bed for long hours is not good for health also. Maintain a proper schedule for sleep. Try to go to the bed early and at the same time each day. Sleep for at least 6-7 hours. Try to make your bed every day as it helps to have a sound sleep. Put your mobile and other electronic gadgets away while going to bed. Maintaining a sleep cycle can prevent depression.


Socializing with other people leads to communication and the more you communicate, you get chance to express yourself, and exchange, share your thoughts, problems, worries, anxieties and what not? Don’t stay isolated for a long time and if you have to stay alone at one place for long hours, get outside, meet people, call friends on phone. While socializing one should keep in mind that being with positive people is mandatory. Those who cheer you up with their motivational thoughts are important in your life. It also prevents depression.


Exercising doesn’t only make you fit but also improves the mental health. Hormonal imbalance can cause anxiety, and mental stress. Jogging, Yoga, and Meditation can keep them away. Exercising regularly helps to combat several seasonal diseases, loss of appetite, drowsiness, and fatigue also.

Have a hobby

Involve yourself in a particular hobby that you really like. Writing, Drawing, Cooking, Pottery, Reading, Collecting stamps, currencies from different Countries do whatever you wish to do. Involving yourself in these activities will lessen your stress and make you busy with yourself.

Healthy lifestyle

Unhealthy food can cause various health-related problems, lethargy that can lead towards depression. So, eat right! Avoid junk foods, spicy foods, and fill your plate with green veggies, fresh fruits and drink plenty of water. But only changing food habit is not enough, try to avoid using your mobile for long hours, try to detach yourself from the social media for sometimes, listen to your favorite music and you’ll feel much better than earlier.


So now, as you know the common signs of depression, don’t ignore if you notice any of the symptoms in you or anyone else you know. Try to follow the tips to prevent and cure depression and we’re always there for you. Just log in to voice your problems.

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